Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lagoda Disc Golf

The company Lagoda j.d.o.o. was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing a disc golf and related forms of tourism. Lagoda had in 2013 got the grant of the Ministry of Tourism in the "Innovative Tourism" call, which allowed a greater number of activities and rapid development of the company. We offer all the necessary equipment for the players, but also the design and installation of disc golf courses for interested investors. The company organizes competitions and arranges travel arrangements.

The company produces and sells all the equipment needed to set up the course and the organization of tourist and sports facilities.

Lagoda Disc Golf so far organized two international disc golf tournament "Drava Forester" in Varazdin and the first Croatian championship in disc golf.

The first international disc golf tournament in Croatia was "Drava Forester" was held in November 2012 with the participation of 28 male and female players from the Croatian, Austria, Slovenia and Norway. Already in 2013 the tournament was held under the license of the Professional Disc Golf Association PDGA, and the number of participants has almost doubled. Players from Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland were among 50 participants from a total of 12 countries. Course for the tournament has been designed around the sports hall "Arena", and covered the area along the bank of the Drava river and the forest park "Jelačićka". It was interesting and challenging even for players from countries where there are much more disc golf courses.

The company Lagoda j.d.o.o. plans to, after setting up each course to be an active part in it's use trough the organization of education and training for citizens and tourists, initiating and coordinating the league and domestic and international tournaments. At the same time, will encourage the establishment of disc golf clubs and provide them with assistance in the establishment and further action.