Disc golf course

Conventional disc golf course consists of 18 holes, but it is common to have smaller courses with 9 or 12 holes. Lagoda also offers training zones in an area of 50 square meters with just one basket and markings for a few games.

Disc Golf Course
The course consists of 18 (or 6, 9, 12, 21 ...) holes that are, if possible due to the configuration and shape of the terrain, arranged in such a way so that they close the circle and the player, having played the 18th hole returns to the beginning of the first hole. Unlike traditional ball golf, in this sport the course area does not have to be perfectly prepared and the intervention in nature to arrange the course is minimal, so sport is environmentally friendly.

It is preferred that the course is as diverse and combines open areas and woods or slopes. Natural obstacles such as isolated trees, large rocks, streams, ponds and similar are contributions to the quality of the course and make it easier to design creative and fun holes that will put in front of players different tasks and challenges. In the open areas like meadows where there is no diversity of terrain and natural obstacles, there is a need to make some artificial obstacles when designing the course so that the course interesting and challenging.

Designing a good disc golf course is not an easy task and it can be done only by experienced players, because at the same time you need to carefully assess who will use the course, what are the distances the users will be able to throw the disc, where disc golf basket should be located for the best players to reach it in less throws then all other players etc.

Disc golf hole
Each disc golf hole must contain a starting position (tee) and the end position (disc golf basket). The main task set before the players is to get from the starting to the end position in as few throws